More than 100 years of wide ranging geotechnical engineering experience serving the Lower Mainland and nearby Ports and Harbours.
Terrane Geotechnical Group

Terrane Group is a leading Lower Mainland Geotechnical Engineering services company located in North Vancouver and servicing Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver the greater Lower Mainland area of British Columbia.

Leading our experienced Terrane Group team are three senior engineers (J. Troy Issigonis M.Eng., P.Eng, Geoff Dyer M.Eng., P.Eng., and Greg ven Huizen M.Eng., P.Eng.) that have more than 100 years of wide ranging geotechnical engineering experience, primarily in the Lower Mainland and nearby Ports and Harbours. This team has assisted with thousands of projects that range widely in size and technical considerations. The technical components include foundation design on large buildings with construction budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars to low height residential retaining walls and additions.

We pride ourselves in being able to assist a wide range of clients regardless of project size thanks to our ability to assess and implement an appropriate and practical level of engineering. We have the ability and capacity to carry out sophisticated finite-element or finite-difference type analyses when warranted. We also rely on presumptive or empirical based engineering solutions, when appropriate.

All projects are managed by a single experienced Terrane Group senior engineer backed by our professional team as appropriate. Regardless of the size of the project, our clients can be rest assured that the experience, skills and personnel required for their unique project is being met or exceeded by the Terrane Group team.

At Terrane Group, we encourage and support a culture that includes ongoing education and studies regarding industry trends; construction and industry safety; and social sustainability and awareness.

We own, operate and interpret the most advanced site investigation tools, equipment and test data. We know that an appropriate site characterization program is key to optimizing the geotechnical design and thus minimizing construction costs.

We formally record our safety protocols and meetings and our company is socially aware and has opted to formally support the Microfinance Industry.

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